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About Cartmell's Chest


How did your company get started? 

My Metro job was phased out after twenty years of service due to lack of funding. I was receiving unemployment compensation and my mother was scheduled to have hip replacement surgery. The timing seems to have been perfect looking back on it now. I was able to take care of my mother during her recovery. She used to make "The Original" chess cake squares and I told her if she would show me how to make them that I would make them for our family gatherings. She did and I began making them. People where asking, “Who made them and that they should be selling them.” My daughter said, daddy you need to make assorted flavors. That is when Cartmell’s Chest was birthed! Why Chess Cake Squares? I love making all the flavors, the process, the labeling, the packaging, and the delivery. People ask why you don’t make chess pies or regular cakes. I tell them that the name means something and that I want to specialize in 1 thing; that is making "NOT-TOO-SWEET"Gourmet Chess Cake Squares. I provide quantities in 4-packs and 24 packs of the same flavor or assorted flavors and serve individuals and groups.

Where are your products available? 


I am what you would call a modern day Market-Man. I deliver free within a 7 mile radius. You can order through the website email or by phone. Where are they manufactured? They are made in a Domestic Kitchen in East Nashville, TN. (No Pets)



How long have you been making these products? 


I have been making these products for almost a decade. "The Original" chess cake square was mastered first. Then came: Chocolate, Lemon, Pineapple, Red Velvet, Strawberry, and many more chess  cake flavors.



What’s next for your company? 


 I would love to eventually purchase a building and pass the business on to family members. My vision is to catapult Cartmell’s Chest into the future and make Cartmell’s Chest a household name.

Is this a part-time or full-time job? 


It’s a part-time - full-time job depending on my customer's needs. 

What flavor do you want from Cartmell's Chest?



What’s your favorite Tennessee-made product aside from your own? 


It’s my mother’ Strawberry Cake.


Meet the Cartmell's: Daughter, Princess (left); son Thomas (middle), daughter NaShantee (right), wife, Pam (lower left), and Cartmell's Chest Owner, Thomas Cartmell, Jr. (lower right).

Pam and I celebrated 40 years marriage on May 6, 2019.

Meet Our Family

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